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Baby Faces

Anonymous: "Okay, so i just started watching wulas. And I want to know if Anthony is vegan? Or does he just eat vegan around Kalel? I'm only asking this because I was watching Lunchtime and he ate meat and diary."

He’s vegan since Feb 2013. Everything he eats during Lunchtime is vegan.


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lacro-sse: "this question is haunting me.. does you know if kalel dislikes louie?? they never talk during the vlogs and he eats live animals in one of his channels. I'm just inferring. Does anyone know though?"

I honestly don’t even know who he is :/  The only thing I know is that even though Kalel is vegan, she generally doesn’t care about how other people live their lives, but since I’ve never seen any of Louie’s vlogs I really can’t tell. Although the only people I see in her vlogs are Anthony, Ian, sometimes Joey or female friends..so i don’t really know xD

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bad-misty: "Your blog is AMAZING! I LOVE Kalel, Anthony, and WULAS!"

Thank you so much!! :))

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Midnight Dip

yessir-im-one-of-a-kind: "ohmy goodness I just love your blog! keep up with the good work ^^"

aww thank you so much!! :3

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paulinastyles17: "I LOVE YOUR WULAS FANPAGE... ITS AMAZING 💚 👌 ☺"

Thank you so much!! :3

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